Team Wiesner


  • Brand Strategy & Consulting
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Communication

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity and Brand Communication for workwear and protective clothing brand ROFA.



ROFA produces workwear and protective clothing. They initially approached us regarding their Brand Strategy.

During a Brand Workshop we defined "protection" as the company core and it`s mission to protect nature, their own employees and workers from all relevant fields. With this in mind we developed their new international claim "Protect what you care for.". After the definition of a strategic basis we created the holistic new Brand Identity (new corporate typeface, imagery, color palette, stationary etc.) and different means of Brand Communication (catalogues, brochures, newspapers, POS, imagery, videos etc.).

As it was a relaunch we kept certain design elements from the previous identity (the brand color red, the square shape of the logo etc.) and implemented them into the new design.

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  • Oliver Tjaden - Photography
  • Nick Wolff - Image Video
CMO / Rofa
In collaboration with Team Wiesner we pinned down the strategic core of our brand to give our brand a sustainable identity. Our brand relaunch was the right decision to position our company as a modern and responsible enterprise with history.

Vera Hamberg
CMO / Rofa

Head of Design: Carsten Schmitz
Creative Direction: Felix Wiesner
Strategy: Felix Wiesner
Art Direction: Virginia Bindi, Anne-Sophie Pleche, Lucas Doerre
Account Management: Felix Wiesner
Project Management: Felix Wiesner

Videography: Nick Wolff
Photography: Oliver Tjaden