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SPD Fraktion Berlin

  • Brand Strategy & Consulting
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Communication

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity relaunch and Brand Communication for the largest fraction of Germany`s oldest and 2nd biggest political party SPD.

SPD Fraktion Berlin

SPD Berlin

The Social Democratic Party (SPD) is the oldest and second biggest political party in Germany. The Berlin fraction needed an identity relaunch hitting the Zeitgeist of Germany`s capital Berlin and a strong, convincing, positive and down to earth visual language for their Brand Communication.

We were fully in charge of their holistic identity relaunch. This relaunch included Brand Consulting, lots of work on their new Brand Identity including the implementation of important brand elements into their new design, creation of new modern color palettes and key visuals for different side branches of the fraction, template developments for all communication material (print, POS, social media, merchandise etc.), photo shootings, photo licensing, animations, illustrations, campaign development and editorial design.

Core graphical element of the new Brand Identity is the abstract, geometric city map of Berlin that serves as a key visual on all communication material. Imagery wise we went for a more human and empathic approach, putting real Berliners in their authentic sourroundings in the foreground.

  • SPD Fraktion Berlin
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Head of Design: Carsten Schmitz
Creative Direction: Felix Wiesner
Strategy: Felix Wiesner
Art Direction: Virginia Bindi
Account Management: Felix Wiesner
Project Management: Felix Wiesner