Team Wiesner


Our mission is to create holistic, human-centered brand experiences for companies so that their products, services, ideas and talents can be experienced in a smart, human and effective way.

For us, brand experience means to understand the core, the tasks, the mission and the vision of a company. We isolate those ideals and structure them, using this as the basis to create a corporate identity anchored on these strategic understandings. This strong base provides support across all the necessary channels from strategy to design to communication.

A brand developed this way creates a coherent overall experience across all points of contact. This gives your company a powerful and authentic identity that creates trust, is real and has attitude. Creating formidable identities and making them tangible is what we live for.

To support this process, we are introducing a range of new digital tools so that every stakeholder involved knows what the current state of affairs is and what their tasks are.

Our Services

  • Brand Strategy & Consulting
    • Digital Architecture
    • Brand Definition
    • Scale-Up Strategy
    • New Work & Workflow Implementation
  • Brand Identity
    • Animated Videos (2D/3D)
    • App / Website Development
    • Art Directions
    • Audio Design
    • Claming
    • Corporate Design
    • Corporate Language
    • Editorial Design
    • Illustrations
    • Naming
    • Packaging Design
    • User Experience (UX) Design
    • User Interface (UI) Design
    • Website Design
  • Brand Communication
    • Advertising
    • Brand Events
    • Corporate Clothes
    • Copywriting
    • Merchandise
    • Mural Design
    • Online Campaigns
    • Print Campaigns
    • Print Productions
    • Photo and Film Productions
    • Social Content
    • TV Commercials

Core team

Our core team is like a Swiss knife. We all have very different super powers, know each other for a long while, can rely on each other, are aware of each other's strengths and weaknesses, support each other and have brought a lot of projects to a successful end.

Felix Wiesner

Felix Wiesner
  • Founder
  • Creative Direction
  • Strategy

Mr. „Gets shit done.“

Virginia Bindi

Virginia Bindi
  • Art Direction
  • Digital Design

The Italian design goddess

Kaisa Riivari

Kaisa Riivari
  • Project Manager
  • Account Services
  • Operations

Finnish Marie Kondo

Stefan Wiegmann

Stefan Wiegmann
  • Development

Like Batman: works at night

Veit Mayer

Veit Mayer
  • Development


Lucas Doerre

Lucas Doerre
  • CGI Design
  • Art Direction

Out of space

Philipp Gloyer

Philipp Gloyer
  • Copywriting

Doesn't say much but writes a lot

Sven Massanneck

Sven Massanneck
  • E-Commerce


Christoph Neumann

Christoph Neumann
  • Photography

Doesn't use his phone to make photos

Johannes Stegemann

Johannes Stegemann
  • Audio Design

Say whaaat?!

Max Always

Max Always
  • SEO

Top Scorer

Mara Munzinger

Mara Munzinger
  • Sustainable Videography

Green Goth

Uwe Munzinger

Uwe Munzinger
  • Brand & Experience Expert

Business Buddha

Our Network is King!

We have the right specialist for any challenge you can think of. Just drop us a mail and we will be happy to advise you.

Our Values

1. We work lean
2. Our network is king.
3. We just do it when the vibe is right.
4. Always follow the right process.
5. We always finish the job.
6. We constantly change, adopt and improve.
7. We care about a healthy work environment.
8. We have an open, honest and positive feedback culture.
9. Strategy and sales is constantly on our radar.
10. We are playful.
11. We build strong bonds.
12. We are humble.