Team Wiesner


  • Brand Identity

Brand Identity for Leuchtspuren (German word for light tracers), an homage to cinema initiated by Leuchtstoff.Media and Weischer.Media.



Leuchtspuren is a declaration of love for the cinema, that magical place that has now fascinated people for many decades. Every cinema viewer has their own very individual relationship with this medium. Be it a first visit with friends or family, that first film with a famous star, or a first movie date, everybody connects deep emotions and experiences with the cinema screen. The audience shares a space in which they experience both individual and collective emotions all together. This is what makes the cinema experience so special.

In collaboration with Leuchtstoff.Media, Weischer Media wants to celebrate the medium of cinema, thus the “Leuchtspuren” initiative was launched. The focus in Leuchtspuren is on interviews in which actors and filmmakers describe in front of the camera what fascinates them about cinema, which emotional scenes have shaped them and why they are still so passionate for cinema, the most exciting medium in the world.

We created the Brand Identity for Leuchtspuren including logo, color scheme, website, stationary and editorial design.

  • Entertainment
  • Art Direction
  • UX/UI Design
  • Website Design
  • Development
  • Corporate Design
  • Editorial Design

Head of Design: Carsten Schmitz
Art Direction: Virginia Bindi
Account Management: Felix Wiesner
Project Management: Felix Wiesner
Development Lead: Stefan Wiegmann