Team Wiesner


  • Brand Strategy & Consulting
  • Brand Identity

Brand Consulting, Brand Identity and Brand Communication for financial services provider Fintegra.



Fintegra is a financial services provider that organises wealth digitally.

The company is divided in 2 branches: one branch takes care of fortunes over 5 mio €, the other branch takes care of fortunes below this mark.

We developed the Brand Strategy, Brand identity (including claiming, corporate identity, UI + UX design) and Brand Communication.

  • Fintegra
  • Brand Definition
  • App / Website Development
  • Art Directions
  • Brand Experience
  • Corporate Design
  • Print Productions
  • Website Design
Founder and CEO / Fintegra
I would like to say a few words about the collaboration with Team Wiesner. I can do so with a good conscience as they created a fantastic stategic, content- and design-related foundation for Fintegra, our brand for the digital organisation of wealth. Team Wiesner supported us in this process in an outstanding way. Our team-work was a big success on a professional and personal level. I would work with them anytime again.

Dr. Rolf Müller
Founder and CEO / Fintegra

Creative Direction: Felix Wiesner
Strategy: Felix Wiesner
​Art Direction: Carsten Schmitz, Daniela Grundmann
​Project Management: Felix Wiesner
Account Management: Felix Wiesner