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  • Brand Identity

Brand Identity including packaging design for New York based chocolate company Chocomize.



Chocomize has its chocolate production at the heart of Big Apple.

They approached us regarding some Brand Identity issues. One of their most important concern was to relaunch their packaging design and make it look so premium, that they were able to get listed in the big American supermarket chains which they got previously denied from for a lack of packaging design premiumness.

Regarding the packaging we went for a very natural and haptically interesting paper quality with subtle typographic elements, warm colors and a metallic hot foil logo embossment.

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CEO and Co-Founder / Chocomize
After Team Wiesner relaunched our packaging design, we not only were able to get listed in supermarkets but were even able to raise the retail price per unit.

Fabian Kämpfer
CEO and Co-Founder / Chocomize

Creative Direction: Felix Wiesner
Art Direction: Anthony Salamin
​Project Management: Felix Wiesner
Account Management: Felix Wiesner