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Beck et al.

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Brand Consulting, Brand Identity and Brand Communication for German IT company Beck et al..

Beck et al.

Beck et al.

Beck et al. establishes new forms of (digital) collaboration in big companies like Lufthansa Group, Continental AG, Traton, Dräxlmeier and Allianz SE. Thereby they connect people, data and infrastructures.

We were in charge of Beck et al.`s holistic Brand Identity relaunch. In a very technical and performance oriented competitive environment the core idea of the new identity is to put the most important element of great collaboration in the foreground: people. This main emphasis goes hand in hand with the very human and empathic company culture of Beck et al..

Ranging from an organic key visual (a circle consisting of three colors running into each other which metaphorically visualizes the three different work fields of Beck et al.), the new claim "work. together.", to the emotional and modern imagery, the new identity radiates approachability, vitality, humanity and authenticity across all channels.

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CEO and founder / Beck et al.
The people at Team Wiesner have the great gift of hearing what is not said in meetings and reading between the lines in texts. This empathic power helps their clients to understand themselves better and leads to innovative and surprising concepts, designs and implementations. It has been a great pleasure to develop and implement the new brand approach of Beck et al. together with Team Wiesner. The result - for example in the website - is something to be proud of!

Siegfried Lautenbacher
CEO and founder / Beck et al.

Head of Design: Carsten Schmitz
Creative Direction: Carsten Schmitz, Felix Wiesner
Strategy: Felix Wiesner
Account Management: Felix Wiesner
Art Direction: Virginia Bindi
Project Management: Kaisa Riivari
Development Lead: Stefan Wiegmann